Varkala, India


5 Minutes in Varkala, India 9-1-16

Just waiting to see travel agent to visit Sri Lanka. Each six months need to step out of India, this time will be to Sri Lanka, an island off south end of India. Just staying three days this time, near the beach.

Meditate, read, hang out at a couple of Buddhist Temples and play at the beach.

Next will go to Be with Ramana Maharishi at His Ashram by Arunachala, east India, in Tiruvannamalai, then up to Mumbai to see Nisargadatta Maharji’s home and be with some of His older devotees. Then up a bit to Ganeshpuri to be with Bhagawan Nityananda at His Ashram.

A buddy of mine and I are thinking of ridding our scooters to these three Ashrams. Bhagawan Nityananda’s place in Ganeshpuri has a few very sacred hot springs looking forward to also.

Will do these two road trips over the next 2 to 3 months. Shanti…=)

O M M M…B L I S S…O M M M…=)

Swami Shiva Durga Ananda

Just LOVE Bhakti Yoga

Some Books you may enjoy for your spiritual journey…=)

Reading books from a Saint or Sage is a form of Satsanga, they will be with you sharing insights with you.