bananasBananas for LIFE

Thank you Freelie, The Banana Girl, for helping me to get back to a Banana LIFE!

Because of you Freelie, I understand more fully  now. Plus I have done this before, now living in India, and loving the food here, but have put on weight and been inactive. Want to get back to feeling light, free and happier!

Banana smoothies for most of the day, then veggie salad or pasta, or the rice and veggie curry from the pond restaurant I Love here in Varkala, India.. A Raw till 4 life, a lifestyle Freelie has established.

Riding my new bike, body surfing, boogie boarding, Long Board Skateboarding, light exercise.

As Freelie says, “Go Fruit Yourself”.

It was banana smoothie’s that gave me freedom from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome some years ago now, also got me back to my natural weight, which involved the loss of 55 to 60 pounds. They gave me my life back.

On a spiritual level, our purest source of natural energy is from our Supreme Self, the Absolute. Since we identify our self with the body and not our Supreme Self, our purest form of energy is the either and the Sun. Still we are not conscious enough to live by that. So, what holds the energy of the either and the Sun in its purest form, is fruit and veggies, which is what our bodies were designed for digesting and living on. This explains the remarkable results we get from adopting our natural way of life.

universeA way of Life that is Hamsa, kindness. Kindness, compassion for the body, animals, plant life, the Earth this Galaxie and universe, and all universes, the cosmic web, all Souls and All that Is.

Hamsa, I Am He.

O M M M…B L I S S…O M M M…=)

Swami Shiva Durga Ananda

Just LOVE Bhakti Yoga

Some Books you may enjoy for your spiritual journey…=)