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Looking at this body and how pants and t-shirts have been fitting in the last six months, and taking a good look after a shower a week ago, was horrified, ha ha ha. Real inspiration for getting in action with banana smoothies and exercise!

Have about 15 or so pounds to say good bye to.

About weight we personally consider to be more than we want, and how AWFUL we can feel about it. For the last year feeling the changes with this body as it ages and having deeper realizations, experiences of not being the body, questions and an exploration began into just diving deeper and deeper not being concerned about how the body looks, just Enjoying knowing my Self.

Weighing and balancing where the balance is. Many of the great Babas, Gurus, Maharishis of the past showed their non-attachment to the body, being of a large size, their eating habits differing, even not eating or even drinking water, or very little of either. Swami Muktananda said that Bhagawan Nityananda’s size was due to all the extra Sakti in Him from being in the breathless state. Some like Neem Karoli Baba and Sri Anandamayi Ma, their devotees experienced their bodies being of different sizes, taller, shorter, heavier, lighter, even shrinking to nothing, then slowly growing back to their “normal”? size. They knew their bodies were made of prana, and knew how to live off the prana from the sun and in the either.

So, is this the path to follow, not being concerned about the appearance of this form, or is it maybe just the way they taught this non-attachment, that we are not this body. Showing us that we are That which is of the body and beyond the body, that we are THAT, Siva-Sakti.

shiva, shaktiSolution for feeling better. What ever shape this human form is in, it Is all made of Us, IT, that Supreme Substance, Supreme Consciousness, that Light of all Lights of whom We Are. This is what to dive into when one feels upset about the appearance of the form ones Self is experiencing this live in. Feel that vibration of warmth, light, a Joy in the spine and head and Know, that subtle Bliss is YOU, Revel and Rejoice in your Self, hold on to that, there you know, feel your consciousness in the body, every thing around you, this universe, all that is, the cosmic web,  dive into your Infinite, Immortal Self again and again through your day, fall in Love with your Self. That will keep you afloat above the nightmare, the Horrible thoughts the ego wants to Crush you with.

Also, when these Terrifying, Damming thoughts come along, about anything, examine what they are made of, from where do they come, what is their Source? Thoughts are all made of us, that Supreme Substance, and manifested by us, that Supreme Consciousness, that irresistible LIGHT of our Self, shinning in and through them. The LIGHT which we are is their Source. It is transforming negative, scary thoughts back to the Light which they are, by recognizing their Source as Light. When we hold on to that knowing of Being Supreme Consciousness, and that all is made of Supreme Consciousness, the darkness vanishes.

So, are we in a new era of Souls, Yogies, where LOVE of SELF, that LIGHT within each of us, will now also be expressed through taking care of the form, the human form we find our Self in.

Nisargadatta MaharajThe next morning after having given this body a closer look after a shower, and being horrified, still feeling bad, I opened, “Consciousness and the Absolute”, Talks of Nisargadatta Maharaj. This dramatically crushed the attack of the ego for me, maybe for you too.

“Although thoughts come and go, the jnani is not concerned. Thoughts will come in consciousness: witnessing also takes place in consciousness. You must have the conviction that you are consciousness Thereafter there is nothing for you to do: leave it to the consciousness to do what is to be done. Whatever happens, happens spontaneously.”

So, not a lot about bananas, hum, or maybe so.

Bananas will help you know your Self. Why, because your body is made to live on fruits and veggies, which are the purest form of prana, since, until we more fully realize we are Supreme Consciousness, Siva-Sakti, we need to feed the body the highest form prana we can, fruits and veggies. Earlier it is mentioned about the great Baba’s and Sages living off prana from the sun and either. Fruit and veggies gather prana from the sun and either, and so have the highest source of this prana. Meat, cows, pigs, chicken and fish all eat these, and then people eat them, this is second hand, deluded prana.

So how is eating the purer more concentrated form of prana, like bananas, going to help you know your Self. Because the body wont have to be dealing with, fighting off all the destruction going on from eating dead flesh. This way prana will be moving freely through the body, including moving up and down the spine and the subtle energy centers there and in the head , allowing spontaneously deeper awareness of You, the Self, an Infinite, Immortal Supreme Being of Bliss.

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Bananas for More LIFE in your Life.


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