Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound Healing


Original Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls

Classic Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls

Stationary, deep tones, group meditation, heavy use

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These beautiful and luminescent bowls emit an expansive sound that is healing for the body’s deeper tissues. Evocative of ancient temples, our Classic Frosted Bowls exude a healing matrix wherever they’re sounded. The effects of playing Classic Frosted Bowls in the home, office or a large group setting can be more grounding and help promote a stable, peaceful energy. The highly tactile and light-filled Classic Frosted bowls are perfect entrainment tools for large groups, meditation and indoor and outdoor healing and garden spaces.

The Classic Frosted bowls carry an Earth energy. Their white color reminds of purity and new beginnings. Natural light enhances the bowl energies and Feng Shui appeal. Their Zen-sculpted looks are healing and their Yin/Yang qualities stellar. Classic Frosted rounded and light-filled bowls ring with fuller, smoother tones to combine for the sweetest Universal harmonies.

Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl sizes:

7″ $159.00       8″ $169.00       9″ $169.00     10″ $179.00     11″ $179.00     12″ $189.00     13″$199.00

14″ $209.00     16″ $229.00     18″ $319.00     20″ Ask me in email     22″ $799.00     24″ $899.00

Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl notes:

High C – Above the Crown     B – Crown     A# – Pineal     A – Third Eye     G# – Zeal Point     G – Throat

F# – Thymus     F – Heart     E – Solar Plexus     D#     D – Sacral     C# – Sexual     C – Root