Wow…I LOVE Green Smoothies…Just finished sipping on my Green Smoothie from this morning, 2:30 PM now, along with having my FrequenSea and ElectriFire…Ha Ha….I am one Healthy, Happy Yogi Zen Dude…Living the Rawlific Raw Lifestyle !!!****** =)

I learned some more about Green Smoothies from these 2 Awesome Green Smoothie Video's !!!****** =)

Video by – Harmony Hikes Victoria Boutenko from Raw Family =)

Video by – Green Smoothie Girl – Robyn Openshaw-Pay…Her Website Green Smoothie Girl – & Blog – Green Smoothie Girl =)

A benefit of drinking Green Smoothies.

Great Green Smoothie Blog

The Green Smoothie Blog


Blessing’s of Peace…Love…Joy…And Infinite Abundance !!!****** =)