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Longboard Skateboarding in a Parking Garage

Having Too Much FUN again Longboard Skateboarding at this four story parking garage for the first time!!! =)

Took an hour getting use to going down part of a ramp at a time then further  and further up, till I was comfortable doing the whole ramp at once. Then started doing the ramps for two floors at once, then all three, one after the other. WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!! =)

This will be a great place to practice sliding too.


The sound for these three videos did not come out well. Going to ask some questions, and see about getting a remote wireless mic.

Did these two short longboard skateboarding videos here, to practice using the telescoping pole with the Go-Pro Camera. So I would know how to adjust camera angle, and what position to hold the pole at…having FUN Playing with it.

Longboard Skateboarding Parking Garage Testing #1

Longboard Skateboarding Parking Garage Testing #2

P E A C E…=)

Yogi Zen Dude