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Kineticism removed through the intrinsic yoga absolute (Kriya) — this is what kriya yoga is all about. Kriya yoga or Karma yoga or Raja yoga as the Gita explains is an internal science inhering the creation and beyond through eternity. Rushi Patangali had also explained it in ‘Patanjali Yogasutra’. This yoga has been practised by munis and the rushis through aeons. Today the eternal yoga has acquired several names likes Sahaja yoga, Danayoga etc. Due to degeneration of the age Sahaja yoga has attained a different connotation of being easy as today`s generation prefer instant spiritual awakenings which is temporary. Actually Sahaja infers that which constantly inheres our body containers and Jnanayoga is knowledge derived through ardent Kriya yoga practice and not erudition.Why is the Yoga absolute? Simple, because the source of this yoga is the eternal Supreme Being. It was rushi Patanjali in the Tretayuga, Bhagavan Sri Krishna in Dwapara and Yogiraj Shyama Charan Lahiree in Kaliyuga, expounded on this inherent science when ever they marked their Divine advent. This infers that Yogiraj Shyama Charan Lahiree is none other than rushi Patanjali or Bhagavan Sri Krishna or many other manifestations in different yogacycles. Thus it follows that Yogiraj Shyama Charan Lahiree is none other than the fountain head of yoga. Yoga absolute connects the supreme.This yoga is incomparable, unalterable, indivisible, abstruse because that which emanates from Bhagavan (God), that which is pure, holy, sublime, immaculate certainly cannot be modified. If modification is perpetrated the modifier has to face severe consequences for the Karma he has rendered.
Why is this yoga intrinsic? Because it inheres that total creation and beyond. This yoga is occurring in all beings whether animate or inanimate because it is eternal. All beings therefore subconsciously practise it without being aware of it and amongst the living beings since humans are the highest creations of god, only those evolved through the incessant cycle from the Guru or Master who opening the third eye makes the practisant realize his true essence. Which essence inherently pervades the total creation and beyond? ‘PRANA’, if taken as an acronym, it connotes- Prana is the pervasive reality, the allness yet nothingness hence absolute, thus Bhagavan. This is why this yoga is intrinsic.
Yoga in a word connotes ‘UNION’. This union again infers union with the absolute and obviously not anything mundane.
Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 7.11.46 PMHow or why is Kineticism removed through the intrinsic yoga absolute? Man on being born attains a vibration domain of 1, 00,000 and he remains a prey to this till his death. When his vibration level cannot go above 10 then he is compelled to be reborn or else fall a prey to this same vibration domain. This cycle continues incessantly till he evolves himself and in one of the births grows disgusted with the life’s shenanigans and craves to come out from this highly kinetic cycle. This is called ‘Vishadyoga’ in Gita. He then earns for peace, but does not realize thar peace is not an object to be acquired. So he begins his cycle of spiritual quest coming to several masters till he comes to the right one who initiates him into Kriyayoga.
Barring practice of this yoga Kineticism cannot be removed. It is slow, gradual but permanent process not in a single birth but surely in successive three births depending upon the level of vibration at the time of death pull him down. But at one go, if he can make it in three successive births, he will at death achieve zero vibration and never to be born again. But only to be born at the beck and command of the absolute for executing noble tasks necessary for the mankind. He will be able to attain all this if he is sincere, devoted and fruitful to his guru.
Kriyayoga is nothing but worship of Prana, which inheres total creation and beyond this through kriyayoga, the ardent practisant will be permeated with allness and then realize the pervading allness, hence ultimately merge with the Absolute. This is why if we break each syllable of Yogiraj the fountain head of kriyayoga it would read “Yogic Oneness Geared in Infinite Realm of Absolute Joy”. Therefore he is Prana- pervasive reality of allness, nothingness and the absolute.
Through merging with the absolute oneness is attained, which is endlessly oriented in the kingdom of infinite bliss because when mergence occurs it is beatitude, for then ‘none exist to talk about the existence of nothingness ‘, as Yogiraj has noted. Thus after mergence Kineticism is totally removed and there is no coming or going.
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