Don_at_WFF_02The Iodine Issue
By Don Bennett

I’ve been intensely researching the subject of iodine for more than a year, and wanted to have a thorough understanding of the issue, along with some personal experience and clinical empirical evidence before writing about it. I can now say with certainty that having sufficient iodine levels is critical for having vitality and the best odds of avoiding serious conditions (and of resolving ones you may currently have). And although this may seem like I’m “stating the obvious” because we need enough of all the nutrients our body requires to have robust health, it turns out that iodine is one of the “problematic” nutrients because it is one of the nutrients that most people are lacking in, and lacking in it enough to be causing health issues that we’re either not aware of (yet), or that we’re attributing to something other than the real cause… which is not enough iodine.

This article is a long one, by necessity… I want you to know the facts about this very important topic. I wrote this article to be enlightening and empowering, to the point that you will be motivated by it to actually do something, and not just be “informed”. So even if you have to digest it in installments, please carve out the time needed to eventually take it all in.

First, some background is needed to fully appreciate what we’re dealing with today.There have been various deficiency diseases that have plagued populations: scurvy from not enough vitamin C, beriberi from not enough B1, pellagra caused by insufficient B3, pernicious anemia from a lack of enough B12, rickets, a bone disease caused by a deficiency of D, and goiter, an enlarged thyroid caused by an iodine deficiency. We’re going to look at that last one a little closer because, although goiter is no longer a common occurrence in our population as it once was, we still have thyroid problems today… and that’s because we still have an iodine problem, it’s just not as bad as it once was… but it’s still bad.

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