Yogi Van Life…Starting at the Beginning from Varkala India

WOOOOOO HOOOOOO…am Thrilled to have found out about the #VanLife!!! =)

This started with a vision to move back to the States, the USA. With a Love for moving to Portland, Oregon, where i will still spend some time each year.

Looking for an inexpensive studio or room to rent in a home, I found that many people are moving there from California and availability has gone down and prices have gone up. Making it a challenge to find a place while here in India.

Again come the thoughts of a Love for a tiny home, tiny house. There is still the cost of building one land is needed to park it, which could be rented. This is not in my budget range though, so then i remebered about teardrop trailers, and fell in love with building one and pulling it with a Honda Bobber motorcycle.

Feeling out riding a bike all the time with no shelter from the weather, i realized i would love this for sometime but would need a vehicle…so thought of pulling the teardrop trailer with a Toyota pickup. This involved the purchase of the truck and the cost of building the teardrop trailer. Plus, where would i build the teardrop trailer, not having a home?

This is when i found out about #VanLife. At first wanted van, then found out about box vans, and wanted to get a 10 foot box van…so woud be more room and could stand up, my brother found a 14 foot box van his boss had, so figured Koool some more room and can do sound healing in the box van, Loved the idea.

But there was a gnawing knowing of the high cost of gas for driving the box van, and they are not very stealth, so not nearly as many places i could park for free and not be noticed.

So, this is how i came to wanting an extended cargo van. The cargo vans are the most stealth vehicles for the van life, next to mini vans, but i wanted the extra room of the extended cargo van.

With the higher gas millage, my monthly gas cost will be much lower then the box van, and I can do much more traveling if I want. I will be doing a few things to bring the gas millage up to, getting headers, 2 1/2 inch exhaust pipes, K&N air filter and a computer chip.

ok, tired of writing now, more later…=)

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