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My name is Greg Lunger and I am known as Yogi Zen Dude. I am just beginning the #VanLife…and am So Excited…finding a van now…when i get back from india, where i have been for two years…will be sharing my travels, the people i meet and all that i learn with you as i learn to experienced overwhelming amounts of having too much FUN!!! =)

Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls and Tibetan Singing Bowls has been a LOVE of mine for three decades and will be doing sound healing all along my van travels, sharing many videos at beaches, mountains, lakes, streams, rivers, deserts and more. For me it has been a Song of LOVE for God and the God in you…on a deeper level…it is an introduction to your Self…as You…are That Infinite…Immortal…Indescribable Love…Light and Bliss…known in the silence…

What is sound healing?

A song of LOVE from God to You. Spiritual healing, a remembering/knowing/direct experience of who you are as the Infinite Self, That One that is beyond thought.

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